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[team_member name=”Jeroen Egtberts” position=”Managing Director MNP flowers” img=”44867″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”full”][/team_member]

Thank you for taking the time to review our website. We proudly present a range of (new) products that are reliable, stunning, unique and all of the highest quality.

At MNP flowers, we greatly appreciate the opinion of our business partners. We would like to invest in a long lasting relationship with you and involve you in all our whereabouts. We truly value your expertise and would like to work closely together on the selection, introduction, and marketing of new quality Suntory® genetics.

This year we would also like to meet you. At international exhibitions, home shows here in Leimuiderbrug, The Netherlands. We believe that a durable and pleasant partnership will increase the market share of Suntory® genetics, therefore we will actively keep you posted about new introductions, marketing strategies and selection process.

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 The business of MNP flowers can broadly be divided into four activities nowadays. Each year MNP flowers selects new and innovative varieties.


MNP flowers introduces new Suntory® genetics onto the European horticultural market. The breeding process takes place in Japan, where an extensive team of plant professionals works passionately on breeding the perfect plant for gardens and balconies worldwide. MNP flowers is specialized in selection among other things. We have several selection specialists, who all have an extensive knowledge about the European horticultural market. Together they make a selection of plants and varieties that suit the European market perfectly.

Plants and varieties that make the selection will be tested extensively at several testing locations. Plants are being tested on rain resistance, sturdiness, color consistency, etc. At MNP flowers we value the opinion of our business partners concerning new plant introductions. Therefore, our business partners are closely involved in the selection and testing process.

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After the final selection, there will be decided which varieties are dropped, retested and introduced. This is where we start building brands!

The marketing department of MNP flowers is the creative heart of our organization. For the varieties who will be introduced, we do market research. We examine who will be the customer and what his or her perception of the new product is? This is very important for “positioning” the product in the market. We think about “product naming”, the total concept and finally, we come to the ‘brand design”. From now on we begin creating a brand with its own logo, labels, pots, leaflets, website, etc., ready to market!

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One important activity of MNP flowers is bringing our new varieties (novelties) to the people. Part of the new introduction strategy of MNP is the spreading of novelties over the year. MNP flowers will introduce new varieties three times a year, during the IPM in January, the Flower Trials in June and the FloraHolland Trade Fair in November. This way there is always a reason to visit MNP flowers, during exhibitions on location or at home during the Flower Trials. Here business partners can show their interest in the new crop and decide if they want to test them on their own location or put them in their catalog already.

For every Suntory® variety a license fee has to be paid. MNP flowers gives this licensee fee back to its business partners by creating marketing concepts, arranging free publicity and PR, guarding plant quality, etc.

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Because a license fee has to be paid we are obligated to our partners to be of as much service as necessary. Therefore, we keep in close contact and visit them as much as possible. To not only give them cultivation advise for propagation and growing Suntory Flowers crops, but also to listen to their experience in the field and to take this into consideration with the next cycle of testing and selection.

For questions and advice about cultivation, selection, marketing, sales, export, license administration, and control please feel free to contact one of our experts you see below.

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[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”CORPORATE MOVIE” css=”.vc_custom_1474357517323{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]
[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”WHY CHOOSE US” css=”.vc_custom_1475476941531{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]
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Suntory Flowers Europe is the most complete collection of high quality and famous brands and varieties. Not only for consumers but for propagators as well.

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Always ahead and each year ensured of innovative new products, bred by the rewarded, innovative and quality breeders of Suntory Flowers Japan

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We’ve build big and unique brands in the past. Like Surfinia®, Sundaville®, Senetti® and Princettia®. And we still do with Beedance® and Grandaisy® among others.

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We have a relative small organization. Therefore, we are creative, have short lines of communication and we can respond to market changes very rapidly.

[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”OUR PROFESSIONALS” css=”.vc_custom_1475143547354{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]

We have a team of professionals standing by to answer all of your questions. So if you are interested in a product from Suntory Flowers Europe, please feel free to contact one of our colleagues at MNP flowers.

[team_member name=”Klaas Droog” position=”Sales & License Manager” img=”44859″ img_size=”full”]T: +31(0)172 – 506700
M: +31(0)622 – 396350
F: +31(0)172 – 506675


[team_member name=”Erwin Giezen” position=”Head Marketing & Communications” img=”44857″ img_size=”full”]T: +31(0)172 – 506700
M: +31(0)619 – 945482
F: +31(0)172 – 506675


[team_member name=”Elco van der Poel” position=”Cultivation Manager” img=”45156″ img_size=”full”]T: +31(0)172 – 506700
M: +31(0)653 – 534192
F: +31(0)172 – 506675


[team_member name=”Willem Mulder” position=”Contract & License Administration” img=”44854″ img_size=”full”]T: +31(0)172 – 506700
M: +31(0)612 – 125885
F: +31(0)172 – 506675



[team_member name=”FHTF 2018″ position=”November 7th – 9th” img=”28860″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”UPCOMING EVENTS” css=”.vc_custom_1475147788641{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]

MNP flowers is with Suntory Flowers Europe represented on several events and trade fairs. This year we will be present at the IPM in Essen, Flower Trials in Leimuiderbrug and at the FHTF in Aalsmeer.

[team_member name=”IPM 2019″ position=”January 22nd – 25th” img=”28853″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[team_member name=”MyPlant & Garden 2019″ position=”Februari 20th – 22th” img=”28859″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[team_member name=”Seasonal Trade Fair 2019″ position=”March 6th – 7th” img=”35844″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[team_member name=”Senetti® Experience 2019 (WHC)” position=”November 6th – 7th” img=”28860″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[team_member name=”FlowerTrials 2019″ position=”June 11th – 14th” img=”35855″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[team_member name=”Four Oaks Trade Show 2019″ position=”September 3rd – 4th” img=”35860″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[team_member name=”Sundaville® Retail Experience 2019″ position=”September 4th – 5th” img=”35784″ img_size=”336×191″][/team_member]
[team_member name=”FHTF 2019″ position=”November 6th – 7th” img=”28854″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[team_member name=”IPM 2019″ position=”January 28th – 31st” img=”28853″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]
[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”2019/2020 NOVELTIES CATALOGUE” css=”.vc_custom_1547469341910{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]
[promo_banner image=”45099″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/mnp_flowers___suntory__genetics_201?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45095″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/mnp_flowers___suntory__genetics_201?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45092″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/mnp_flowers___suntory__genetics_201?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45100″ hover=”1″ img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/mnp_flowers___suntory__genetics_201?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45101″ hover=”1″ img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/mnp_flowers___suntory__genetics_201?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45093″ hover=”1″ img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/mnp_flowers___suntory__genetics_201?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”2019/2020 BRAND CATALOGUES” css=”.vc_custom_1547469297698{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]

These are our online catalogues. If you wish, we send a paper copy to you, please feel free to ask. Go to the Catalogue Request Form page and fill in the form.

[promo_banner image=”44875″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/beedance___leaflet_2018__online__rg?e=26435820/57195507″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”44876″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/grandaisy_online?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”44877″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/princettia___leaflet_2018__online__?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”44878″ hover=”1″ img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/sundaville_catalogue_2017?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”44874″ hover=”1″ img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/senetti__leaflet_2018__online__rgb?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45088″ hover=”1″ img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/surfinia__30th_anniversary_leaflet?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45090″ hover=”1″ img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/sunpuma__leaflet_2019__online_?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45089″ hover=”1″ img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/surdiva__leaflet_2019__online_?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45091″ hover=”1″ img_size=”168″ link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/mnp_flowers___suntory__genetics_201?e=0″][/promo_banner]
[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”CULTIVATION & TECHNICAL SUPPORT” css=”.vc_custom_1475571866703{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]
[team_member name=”Klaas Droog” position=”Sales & License Manager” img=”44866″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]

At MNP flowers we value the opinion of our business partners concerning new plant introductions. Therefore, our business partners are closely involved in the selection and testing process. For cultivation and selection advice please contact our cultivation expert Klaas Droog. Klaas has more than a decade of cultivation and selection experience and can give you tips and advice about propagating and growing the plants from the Suntory Flowers Europe.

MNP flowers is happy to guide their business partners while propagating and growing our plants. Therefore, we work closely with our licensees, customer service is of great value to us. If you are looking for information about growing certain varieties of the Suntory Flowers Europe, you can download the cultivation sheets of the product of your choice here.

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[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”WE ARE HERE TO HELP” css=”.vc_custom_1475645919900{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]
[team_member name=”Erwin Giezen” position=”Head Marketing & Communications” img=”44868″ img_size=”full”][/team_member]

MNP flowers is very proud to be working with its innovative and professional partners all through Europe. We work together with propagators and growers in every European country. Would you like to be partner of MNP flowers? Please contact us. At MNP flowers we are striving to make everything as easy as possible for our business partners. Therefore, important forms can be downloaded from the website www.suntoryflowers.eu. This includes Young plant request forms, royalty forms, mother stock declaration forms, etc. MNP flowers would like to assist their business partners with dashing new marketing materials. Marketing texts, posters and high resolution photos are all downloadable through our Suntory website. If you need specific marketing tools, feel free to contact the marketing department of MNP flowers.

Dynamic marketing concepts are extremely important if you want to be unique in today’s horticultural market. And that’s our goal. To create exceeding marketing concepts for our beautiful products.

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Profit from the excelling marketing concepts that are created for all Suntory® genetics. Choose for the new Surfinia® label for example, or grow your Beedance® varieties in the specially designed printed growing pots.

Contact Us

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Focused advertising for special target groups which highlights single products, and the Suntory brand, renowned throughout the industry. We have also standard publication texts and info for all of our products.

Press Information

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You’ll find all information about our new and innovative products in one of our catalogs or leaflets. You can check these all out online, download them or ask for a printed copy here. We send your printed copy to you as soon as possible.

Online Catalogues

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POS material is available for all Suntory® genetics. This digital promotional material includes posters, brochures, labels, cultivation flyers, etc. We offer you a complete package of professionally designed and functional POS material.

Contact Us

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We hope you enjoy your stay on our website. If you browse our site you will find everything MNP flowers and it’s Suntory® genetics has to offer. Next to that you can also take a look at our brand websites for more information about a specific brand.

See Below

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At MNP flowers, we actively use internet and social media to communicate with our business partners. On Twitter for instance, we keep our followers posted about our whereabouts, considering plant introductions, marketing concepts and exhibition participation.

Spread The Word!

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Suntory® genetics are explained in a simple way for consumers. Here you’ll find detailed information and simple instruction videos about pinching, potting, soil and plant combinations

Suntory Videos

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Are you already a client? We have a special high resolution picture database for you where you can download all varieties! Go here and fill in the form to get your own username and password.

Database Entry Request

[promo_banner image=”27277″ alignment=”center” vertical_alignment=”middle” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”light” img_size=”large” link=”https://issuu.com/suntoryflowers/docs/label_catalogue_2016__rgb_”][/promo_banner]
[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”black” size=”extra-large” title=”OFFICIAL LABELS” css=”.vc_custom_1475586284843{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]

To keep up with modern standards of label printing and design, the marketing department of MNP flowers has been busy for the last two years making some changes and improvements to our brands, marketing concepts and to our labels. This means we have made better pictures of our varieties, created new logos, wrote new texts, made new designs and most important introduced successful new plant varieties.

We are not keeping these designs and new information to ourselves, but we want to share this with all our 7 authorized partners. So our customers (licensees, growers, garden centers, etc.) can profit from these designs. The goal is not only to sell more plants, but also to keep the costs low. This will create a better and more reliable impression to the end consumer and helps us stay ahead of the competition.

The official brand labels are specially designed labels which tell the total story of the brand and its special characteristics. These days consumers want more! They want a special design, more background information, more feeling (experience) with the product and most importantly, help to create a sea of flowers in their garden and long lasting life for their money.

All the above things add extra value to the plant (brand), and will be achieved by using official brand labels. By using the branded labels, plants are visible and recognizable on store floors. They give more information and tell a clearer story about the good and different characteristics of the species in comparison to its competitor. This way consumers will come back to the store and hopefully re-buy the same brand, our brand! In the end more plants are sold and everybody in the (supply) chain will benefit. Do you want more information about Suntory Flowers Europe labels? Please feel free to ask Erwin Giezen (e.giezen@mnpflowers.com) from the MNP flowers marketing department. Or ask one of our official authorized label printers, click on the logos below and surf to their company website.

[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”white” size=”extra-large” title=”BRAND WEBSITES” css=”.vc_custom_1521452826126{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]

These are our individual brand websites. To support sales among customers. These websites are full of inspirational photos and tips & tricks on how to use their plants at home.

[promo_banner image=”35828″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.surfinia.info”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”35832″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.sundaville.eu”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”35833″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.grandaisy.eu”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”35834″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.princettia.eu”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”35835″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.sunpeddle.com”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”35836″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://ww.beedance.eu”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”44863″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.senetti.eu”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”45148″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.granvia.eu”][/promo_banner]
[basel_title style=”bordered” color=”white” size=”extra-large” title=”DIVISIONS WEBSITES” css=”.vc_custom_1521452814371{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]
[promo_banner image=”44865″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.mnpflowers.com”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”44864″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”https://www.suntoryflowers.eu”][/promo_banner]
[promo_banner image=”35830″ alignment=”center” hover=”1″ basel_color_scheme=”dark” img_size=”large” link=”http://www.meilland.com”][/promo_banner]