Sundaville® Up Apricot

“A soft and gentle stranger”

This new Sundaville variety has delicate 7 cm star shaped pale apricot flowers and long and thin oval leaves. It has good branching, blooms very early and has a strong upward growth habit. Sundaville® Up Apricot plants are suitable for 12 cm pots with minimal support. Its branches can be trained in a spiral through plant supports when grown in bigger pots.


Up …
A new kind of Sundaville® range is born. These unique ultra bright flashy star-shaped flowers are a real breakthrough in Mandevilla breeding. Also, its unique plant shape is very different from normal Mandevillas. It grows upwards and due to its very good branching, it looks like an Orchid (Phalaenopsis) with multiple upright bunches of flowers on one stem. It is good in mother stock production and in propagation. The above allows easy production of small plants without support or with pyramids for bigger pot sizes. Last but not least, it has very strong (re)flowering power which therefore makes it a unique gift product, is it is also good for indoors. More colours are coming soon.

About Sundaville® (Mandevilla)
The Sundaville® collection is a real happy maker! Sundaville® is a diverse and colourful range of Mandevilla that needs very little water and shows its exuberant flowers all summer long. Because Sundaville® is very strong, it is a care-free and user friendly plant that can be used outdoors in tubs and baskets. With its beautiful shapes and colours, excellent branching and rich flowering, Sundaville® remains the #1 Mandevilla (Dipladenia) on the market and top favourite with consumers from all over the world. Therefore, we always recommend you to buy real Sundaville®, the only true #1 Mandevilla (Dipladenia) available, to ensure yourself of top-notch quality and a beautiful plant that lasts.

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Sundaville® offers the most variety of colors and types in Mandevillas and the only true reds on the market. The Beauty varieties are the most unique because they combine Dipladenia characteristics (smaller leaf and flower) with a Mandevilla growth habit (aggressive climber). Sundaville® have more disease and pest resistance than the traditional ‘Alice Dupont’ Mandevilla, along with a variety of colors and types to choose from.

The amount of blooms Sundaville® produces gives it a “wow” factor. Sundaville® can be used in various pot sizes, baskets and as a combination. The Originals have a bush habit and are ideal for 1-3 gallon bushes and any size hanging basket. The Giants are the true Mandevilla and ideal to be grown on a trellis or used in hanging baskets. The Beauties are the most unique and ideal for a trellis or hanging basket. They have smaller, but more flowers, and are very aggressive climbers.

The biggest tip with Mandevilla is choosing the right soil mix and location. They like a well- draining soil mix. They love the sun but don’t like to be wet. For the consumer: make sure you plant in a sunny location and not in a low spot or place where a gutter may drain. They can be kept in pots on the patio or planted into the ground.

Sun-Fire Nurseries,
Sarasota Florida (US)

Additional information
Introduction (year)



Flower size (cm)




Growth habit

Rooting time (weeks)



1x / 2x

Growth temp. (ºC)

≈ 20

Planting advise

Pot, balcony boxes

Advised pot size (cm)

12 to 17

Flowering period

May – (frost)