Granvia® Gold

“Golden crispy”

Gold, gold and gold again. The Granvia® Gold has remarkable big flowers with an intensely bright yellow colour and a heart that turns orange as pollen appears when the flower gets older. The unique structure of the ‘crispy paper like’ petals will grab your attention straight away. It is easy to grow, lasts long and blooms early. Insider tip! The flowers can be harvested to use as perfectly dried flowers or fresh potpourri.


“The crispy touch”

The Granvia® collection puts a smile on your face right away when you touch it for the first, second and even third time. Granvia® is a collection of Xerochrysum (Bracteantha) with very big and long lasting flowers and a unique ‘crispy’ structure that reminds you of thin and flimsy paper. There are multiple Bracteantha on the market, but the Granvia® variety is stronger, has better branching and is earlier blooming. In addition, it is very easy to propagate and to grow and it has a strong garden performance.

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Sunpuma® Ipomoeas are a newer product for me and much more different than the tropical’s I grow. Sunpuma® Ipomoea’s best trait is intense foliage colour that does not fade, along with a nice variation in leaf shape. Plants are compact and controlled for ipomoea, but not too compact. Ipomoea’s work nicely in combination with other plants or in hanging baskets or in window boxes by themselves.

Sun-Fire Nurseries,
Sarasota Florida

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