Grandaisy® Ivory Halo

“Hello halo”

The bright white coloured Grandaisy® Ivory Halo is an Argyranthemum with remarkable big flowers. In the middle of the flower you will find a light yellow ring around a dark heart from where its name arises. This Argyranthemum variety blooms early, has a medium vigour, good branching, and a strong garden performance. Moreover, it has a great re-flowering power at the end of the season. Therefore, you can enjoy Ivory Halo throughout the year.


“Flower powerrrrrr”

The Grandaisy® collection instantly turns your garden into a bright and cheerful display of big, energetic flowers with truly striking colours. Grandaisy® is a collection of fast growing, early flowering, and very large flowered Argyranthemum which are strong, healthy and suitable for almost every climate. To fully appreciate the lively colours of Grandaisy®, you can use it as a patio plant, a bedding plant or in charming balcony boxes and big decorative pots. It’s a high value product and the new standard in large flowered daisies.

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