MNP flowers products at Emsflower

Two products of MNP flowers earned a place in the top 10 of the 2014 Trial Garden Mini-Emsflower. Surfinia® Green Edge Purple and Sundiascia® Blush Pink, two varieties from the Suntory Flowers Europe both achieved this prestigious place. Surfinia® Green Edge Purple is part of the 2015 introduction range of the Suntory Flowers Europe and is part of the Surfinia® specialties range for 2015. This range consists of several Surfinia® varieties with a unique colour.

The Sundiascia® Blush Pink is part of the Sundiascia® range, a range diascias introduced in 2013. This range consists of five diascia varieties with a compact, upward growth and rich blooming. These varieties are available in several fresh and vivid pink and oranje tones. These two products earned a place in the trial garden of next year and will be cultivated for sales in the Emsflower garden centers. Would you like to know more about the Sundiascia® Blush Pink and the Surfinia® Green Edge Purple? Please contact MNP flowers,