The core business of MNP flowers is introducing new plants and varieties
(Suntory® genetics among others) onto the European horticultural market.
MNP flowers provides licenses, devises new marketing concepts, monitors policy
and carries out selection activities for breeders in Europe. The MNP flowers
crop portfolio includes flowering indoor plants, shrubsbedding plants and
rose rootstocks.

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The unique cooperation with Suntory Flowers Ltd. gives MNP flowers the opportunity to continually introduce new plants that are highly appreciated throughout the market chain.

Koninklijke Kwekerij Moerheim | Suntory Flowers Europe


French connection

MNP flowers was established by the world famous ‘Koninklijke Kwekerij Moerheim‘ (Royal Nursery Moerheim) that was founded in 1888. MNP flowers has always been an innovator and creator of new plant varieties. It was one of the first companies to actively promote its many new products, like the then innovative pink Delphinium in the thirties and the cut rose Sonia® in the seventies of the previous century.

As a rose producer and selector for the roses of the French breeder Meilland, MNP flowers formed many foreign relationships. Through one of these relationships, one with a Japanese company, MNP flowers became aware of the first Petunias that were planted in a field next to rose fields. Soon after, the first discussions started with the breeders of the hanging petunia Surfinia®. This all happened between 1987 and 1992 and resulted in a unique cooperation with Suntory Flowers Ltd.

Since 1947, Meilland Nederland is the licensor and distributor in the Benelux for Meilland International, who is also the main shareholder of MNP flowers.

Surfinia Petunia Purple | Suntory Flowers Europe


Introduction of Surfinia®

MNP flowers obtained the European rights for all future products of Suntory Flowers Ltd. Through a unique system, they launched Surfinia® onto the market together. The first varieties date from 1992 and until today the Surfinia® is one of the few products of which the trade name is well-known by the European consumer. In addition, the Surfinia® has been the market leader in the segment of hanging petunias already for many years.

Surfinia Petunia Logo | Suntory Flowers Europe
Temari Verbena | Suntory Flowers Europe


Million Bells® and Tapien®

After Surfinia® new innovations followed, such as the Calibrachoas, sold under the trade name Million Bells®, and the Verbenas with amongst others the trade name Tapien®. These concepts have become widely accepted by all companies engaged in annuals and bedding plants. yearly approximately 120 million plants of the Suntory varieties are sold throughout Europe.

Million Bells | Suntory Flowers Europe
Senetti Pericallis Red | Suntory Flowers Europe


Senetti® Family

Senetti® is a collection of revolutionary Pericallis hybrids from Suntory Flowers EuropeSenetti® thrives well in low temperatures and provides high colour impact early in season. Senetti® is available in a wide range of colours such as vivid blues, magentas, violets and stunning bicolours. Senetti® has large, daisy flowers, which bloom from early spring until summer. Senetti® is packed with flowers, up to 200 on a plant grown in a 10-inch pot. When the first flowers start to fade, plants can be cut back to rebloom later in season, extending consumer enjoyment.

Senetti Pericallis Blue Bicolor | Suntory Flowers Europe
Sundaville Logo | Classic Mandevilla


The Sundaville® Revolution

Suntory Flowers Europe released a true revolution in 2003 in the horticultural industry with Sundaville® Red, the first beautifully red Mandevilla, which has excellent branching and rich flowering. Sundaville® is a very strong plant for outdoor use like tubes and baskets. This Mandevilla requires little water and gives a massive flower show all through the summer, which makes it a low maintenance and user friendly plant for every consumer. That makes Sundaville®, the No.1 Mandevilla (Dipladenia) on the horticultural market.

Sundaville Dark Red | Classic Mandevilla
Princettia Euphorbia Logo | Suntory Flowers Europe
Princettia Euphorbia Pure White | Suntory Flowers Europe


A new star is born

Princettia®, the compact Euphorbia, is a premium gift that can be given all year round. Available in gorgeous shades of pink and bright white varieties, which make it the perfect present for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. These plants are naturally compact with excellent branching and will produce many colored leaves. Its resistance to lower temperatures also make the Princettia® range perfect for outdoor use in every garden and balcony. Join in on the Princettia® experience!

Beedance Bidens Painted Red | Suntory Flowers Europe


Bee inspired Beedance®

The original Beedance® range consists of compact bee & butterfly attracting Bidens with striking red and yellow colors. These strong and healthy plants are suitable for almost every climate and can be used as a patio plant, in balcony boxes, hanging baskets and as a bedding plant. There are two Beedance® varieties. The Beedance® Painted Red and the Beedance® Painted Yellow. Both of these varieties are irresistible to bees and butterflies, giving an extensive biodiversity to their surroundings. Because of its compact shape, Beedance® is easy to grow, perfect for modern cultivation. It has a strong spreading and trailing habit, which makes it suited for multiple purposes, including borders and hanging baskets.

Beedance Bidens Label | Suntory Flowers Europe
Grandaisy Argyranthemum Logo | Suntory Flowers Europe


Bold & beautiful Grandaisy®

Could it be the sparkling sunshine, the occasional refreshing shower, the gentle breeze or the tender loving care that we devote to our cuttings? Whatever the reason, Grandaisy® will add a summer to your garden, patio or balcony. As the name suggests, Grandaisy® conjures up that special summer feeling: happy, care-free, innocent times, enjoying hot days and sultry evenings in the garden or on the patio or balcony. Grandaisy® is an uncomplicated, unassuming and understated plant that will give you summer every day. So its not just a pretty plant: Grandaisy® will put a smile on your face. Maybe that’s why consumers love Grandaisy® so much.

Grandaisy Argyranthemum Pink | Suntory Flowers Europe
Flower Banner | Suntory Flowers Europe


Almost 30 years of cooperation

This year (2017) we celebrate the 30 years of cooperation between Suntory Flowers Ltd. and MNP flowers. The cooperation could be described as a phenomenal success story. With many successful plant introductions to come the next few years. You can be sure that we keep surprising you with stunning and innovative varieties. From which we all will benefit. Join us for the next 30 successful years to come!


This corporate movie shows you all the activities of MNP flowers. Each year MNP flowers selects new and innovative varieties.


Take a look at the MNP flowers head office and home of Suntory® genetics in Leimuiderbrug near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It takes a while and intense selection to come from innovative breeding to a ready to market plant introduction.